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At Blue Square IT Solutions we believe A goal is a dream with a plan and an end date. Blue Square IT Solutions Consultants aspire to turning your dreams and goals into realities.

Do you have a goal or is it a dream? A Dream is vague whereas a Goal is specific, achievable, written and has dates for beginning and ending. Whether it is a new website, a change to your existing business or a major project within your company, our consultants will take you through a Question and Answer process that will result in a task and goal definitions list along with a plan for achieving your dreams and goals.

Our Questions are divided into four major groupings:


Needs & Wants

What do I need or want? We will help you "Brainstorm" to make a list of the needs and the wants working out which are the essential "needs" and which are just nice-to-have "wants". It is important to be as candid and practical as possible when distinguishing between the two as the results will impact time and cost in the long run


What is most important? Next we will help you transform the list of "needs" and "wants" into a table of priorities. This will again influence which tasks are tackled in what order. This table will also have an impact on the time it takes to "reach your dream"


What will this cost? Based on the resulting table of tasks we will help you estimate the monetary cost of each item either through further research or by quoting for work we can undertake



When will this be done? As already stated, the difference between the "dream" and the "goal" is having a plan and an end date. Without these your dream will continue to exist but will possibly become a reality "someday". As you have already set up a table of priorities, the next step is adding realistic timescales of immediate, short, medium or longer term

Start date

When will this all start? Setting and keeping a firm beginning date is the next major step towards achieving your dream

Target dates

When will I achieve my goal? Having set the start date and worked out the priorities and timescales, we will help you set your target date or dates


Who's involved

Who will be involved? In order to reach your goal it is likely that other people will need to be involved. These could be your business partners or employees and can also include one or more external 3rd party companies. To make sure that everyone does what is necessary to achieve your goals all parties must understand what the requirements and deliverables are and agree the time in which they need to be realised


Who will be responsible? Agreeing who will do what and who is responsible for making sure each task is completed helps to keep everyone involved focused on their tasks and responsibilities and meeting their time and budget deadlines



How will this all be done? Having worked out what your goals are, when they will be realised and who will be involved in helping you achieve them, all that remains is to decide on is how to achieve all of this. Blue Square IT Solutions will advise you on the different options available and recommend which are the best ones to consider. Once you make your final decision, depending on the project, Blue Square IT Solutions will take part in the whatever role is appropriate, from Project Management to the complete project

If you have any questions, need any information or advice or would like to arrange an informal chat please fill in our online contact form.

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