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Domain Name Registration

Just as you take time and effort into choosing the right name for your business, so the same effort needs to go into choosing your website address. The best option is to try and have the same domain name as your business name to continue with your same identity, brand name and professionalism. In some cases this is not possible as the domain name has already been registered. In these instances we will help you come up with suggestions for an appropriate domain name to register.

Domain names are constantly being taken up so as soon as you have chosen a name, Blue Square IT Solutions will register it for you without any further obligation. Once registered, as with registering a company name, it is yours and no one else can register it or use it. We know how important your name is and once found available it would be a shame as well as a waste of the effort to lose it!

If you have any questions, need any information or advice or would like to arrange an informal chat please fill in our online contact form.

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