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Web Pages Explanations

Your website will be made up of a number of pages containing your company's information and services. To give you some idea of what pages you can have on your website, below is a list of pages and explanations of each page. The list is started with the pages you can normally expect to find on a website. These are followed by a list of some of the other types of pages that can be considered when Blue Square IT Solutions is designing your website. While this is a fairly detailed list it is by no means exhaustive and Blue Square IT Solutions is happy to discuss and advise on any other types of pages you would like on your website.

These are the pages that website visitors have become accustomed to finding on a websites so should be given serious consideration when your website is being designed:

Home Page

Home Page - This is the page website visitors will usually see first

About Us

About Us Page - This is a page that you use to introduce your company to your website visitors. Details such as a description of your company, general background, history and the people who make up your company are all details that can be included. An overview of your customers and market place your business focuses on can also be included on this page thereby allowing your visitors to learn a lot about you from one page of your website

Product & Service

Product & Service Pages - Depending on the types of products and / or services you offer, these pages can be anything from a "product showcase window" to a description of each of your services or a full online shop selling your products on the Internet. The emphasis should always be on direct and concise communication that catches your visitors attention

Contact Us

Contact Us Page - A page that gives your visitors all of your contact details. This can also include a convenient and easy to fill in form that visitors can use to send comments or request information. Additional marketing or "intelligence gathering" fields can also be added to the form. Once filled in, the visitor details can be emailed directly to you


Links Page - Depending on the type of products or services you provide, this page can provide an invaluable service to your website visitors. Examples of links can include associations you belong to, official reference material on your products or services and even links to your customers thereby giving them an additional service of free advertising

Privacy Statement

Privacy Statement & Legal Notices - Statements that reflect how much you value your visitors' privacy and legal rights are essential. They may not be pages that visitors to your website will read too often but many will notice if they are omitted. A short and succinct page will suffice

Site Map

Site Map - This is a page showing links to every page in your website. It is an important page as it acts both as a "roadmap" for your visitors to be able to navigate your website as well as a page the search engines can use to "spider" your website to populate their databases

These are some other useful pages that, depending on your business type and your website requirements, can be considered when your website is being designed:

Site Search

Site Search Facility - This provides your visitors with a facility to search your website for a particular word or phrase. The list of results will then link them to the relevant pages within your website. The larger your website the more important a search facility is. The search area can be on one specific page of your website, on a number of key pages or on every page of your website


Forms - Feedback, Questionnaire, Information and Competitions - Online forms can be used for gathering various types of information from your website visitors. The more detailed or personal information you require the more you need to provide incentives, such as entering visitors into a competition. Competitions can also be useful for getting visitors to browse around more of your website than they may normally do if the answers to your competition questions are revealed elsewhere in your website


Communication and Interaction - Website visitors may want to communicate with you, leave comments for you, receive communication from you or even have a discussion with other website visitors about your products and services. This can be achieved through a variety of facilities including:


Guestbooks - Visitors can leave comments which will be displayed on your website. All entries can be read by other visitors thereby creating a constantly changing page. A guestbook differs from an Online Forum in that no responses can be made to comments

Discussion Forums

Discussion Forums - Rather than leaving a message that other visitors can only read, visitors to your website can post a question or statement that starts a discussion with other visitors who post their own responses. Some responses will start off new mini-discussion or even create a new discussion subject altogether


Newsletters - An excellent way of keeping your customers and website visitors informed of the latest relevant industry news is to send out a regular newsletter. Visitors can subscribe via a dedicated box on your website that as with the search facility, can be on one, multiple or all of your web pages

Buzz Button

Buzz Button - This facility helps you make your website seem that much more "live". On clicking on the "Buzz" button a website visitor is asked to enter their phone number. This triggers the software to dial your number. Once you answer your call, the visitor's number is automatically dialled and you have personal contact with an interested potential customer without any effort

Events Calendar

Events Calendar - This allows you to post details of upcoming events. A useful tool for if your company hosts or wants to advertise conferences or exhibitions relevant to your products or services


New Features and Latest News - Being able to say what and where the latest changes to your website are, what the latest advances in your products and services are or even presenting subjects of topical interest that relate to your industry will keep visitors interested and coming back. There are also products that provide live feeds on your selected news topics directly to your website keeping your news current. A facility that allows you to do all this yourself will save time and expenses with very little effort


Affiliate Pages - Many companies and websites offer the facilities for website owners to become "Affiliates" to help sell their products and services while at the same time making a commission on all sales. None are as well known for this as Amazon who provides a facility to sell books, videos, DVDs, CDs, games and many other things in an ever-growing list. Affiliate programs can all be set up as dedicated pages or incorporated into parts of other existing pages

Help and FAQ

Help and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Pages - Website visitors will usually look for an FAQ page if they are not sure about something so it is worth the time investment to set up a list of Questions and Answers to help your visitors. You can also include some of the legalities or technicalities relating to your industry as an "added extra" for your website visitors along with links to appropriate reference pages. Gaining a reputation as a good reference website will keep visitors coming back and telling others about your website


Press - If your company is often in the press or releases press articles, a page dedicated to the needs of the Press while at the same time promoting your business can be very useful. This page can vary from a basic page containing press releases to a sophisticated series of pages containing downloadable files, images and all other necessary information


Location and Facilities Page - It can be useful to show your website visitors pictures of your offices or products to better explain your products or services and the facilities you work from or can offer. This can also include directions, maps and links to public transport providers to make finding and getting to you as easy as possible for your customers

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